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Poornima Ravi

Poornima Ravi Am an engineer by profession and switched my career to become an artist after completing a Visual Arts program from Kalakshetra – I believe kids are very creative by nature and I aim to nurture it without interrupting their natural flow of creativity. ‘Amudra’ is a small initiative in this regard.

Jeganathan Manickam

Jeganathan Manickam – My husband has been very supportive in the ‘Amudra’ initiative – An engineer by profession, into IT now. He loves trying out electronic projects and baking cookies.

Sowmya Varathan
  • Sowmya Varathan – She has been very supportive in shaping up this ‘Amudra’ initiative till date – in that sense, she is a Co-creator of Amudra.!! As an individual, she is skilled at crochet, origami and Do It Yourself stuff. She also loves to engage with kids and do anything the ‘creative way’. She has been with us to handle Art and Craft sessions. She also has lot of start-up ideas and is planning to execute them in the near future. Resources from her side:
Manikandan Ramalingam

Manikandan Ramalingam – Mani is a specialist in telling how to execute creative ideas and reach out to the public. He has been really supportive in shaping up Amudra..!!Mani, as we know him, is a super cool guy by nature. We saw him transition from being an employee to an entrepreneur with a smooth financial curve. He has also hosted ‘Entreprenuer’ program for the month of May, 2020 with us.

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