Create Your Own Jig Saw Puzzle

'Create Your Own Activity' series Purpose of the initiative: • to encourage participants to get involved, create, make mistakes,learn and produce original works • the focus is on the process of learning by doing, don worry about the end results • no age bar for the participants as there is no age bar for learning You will be guided with the … Continue reading Create Your Own Jig Saw Puzzle

How ‘Learning Space’ became ‘Amudra’

How 'Learning Space - Let's learn Together.!' became 'Amudra - 'Let's Inspire Each Other.! Here is how : Learning Space becomes Amudra We had initially started off with the name 'Learning Space (Let's Learn Together)', but as months passed by, we thought Learning Space was a more generic name and we wanted a more specific name … Continue reading How ‘Learning Space’ became ‘Amudra’