Switching To Cloth Pads

We have created this poll to create awareness about cloth pads.

Hey men, wait – this post may not be connected with you exactly – but there is atleast one woman in every household – so please take the time to read through it and forward it to the woman you care for..!!

We know cloth pads are a healthy option for women as well as for the environment (also we will be saving tons of work and uneasiness for the garbage workers) – we are here to pause and understand that in spite of the above awareness most of us are not able to use it due to some practical difficulties.

We have created the below poll to get possible solutions to solve these practical problems and we can see how we can take it forward from there.

Please spread the word by sharing this page in your circle.

Before voting, please take sometime to browse through the below links as well –


Some Pointers On How To Trasition To Cloth Pads Initially

  • Use it when your period date coincides with holidays
  • Try using it on the first or fourth or fifth days when your flow is low
  • Try to switch to a healthy lifestyle to get into a optimal flow cycle 
  • If you are working, see if you can ask for a ‘work from home’ option at least for one of the days every month – so you get the liberty to try out cloth pads and more importantly you will be giving your body the much needed rest during ‘those days’.


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