How ‘Learning Space’ became ‘Amudra’

HowLearning Space – Let’s learn Together.!became Amudra – ‘Let’s Inspire Each Other.!

Here is how :

Learning Space becomes Amudra

We had initially started off with the name ‘Learning Space (Let’s Learn Together)’, but as months passed by, we thought Learning Space was a more generic name and we wanted a more specific name which was more close to our ideology and we came upon this beautiful name ‘Amudra‘ – in sanskrit Mudra means form, so (a)Mudra means formless, without seals, infinite – it felt so close to our ideology – we could connect to it so well , to match with the wide umbrella of things that life takes us through..!!

The Slogan also changes

The tagline was initially ‘Let’s learn together’; but as we started connecting with people, we started getting feedback from people which invariably carried the message that ‘the initiative was quite inspiring’, so we thought we will change the slogan as well and hence it became ‘Let’s Inspire Each Other

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