Learning Space – Episode 2

Hello folks, welcome to the ‘Learning Space’ – thank you for registering with us..!!

What Is The ‘Learning Space’?

This space aims to kindle the fire of creativity hidden inside all of us. So as to say, all of us are skilled in some way – may be our skill levels may vary but definitely all of us have some skillset to share with others. This space aims to facilitate this knowledge/skill sharing. 

About The Session’s Hosts

  • Sowmya – Is skilled at crochet, origami and Do It Yourself stuff. She also loves to engage with kids and do anything the ‘creative way’. She will be with us to handle Art and Craft sessions 
  • Mrithylesh – Is a talented young magic show artist and he will be with us to host the magic show for us. He has to his credit many awards in the field of magic show.
  • Venilla – Is a dance choreographer and will help the kids with some yoga stretching and a simple dance. We basically aim to get the children into some physical activity for these home quarantine times.
  • Poornima Ravi – Am a Visual Artist from Kalakshetra and I believe kids are very creative by nature and I aim to nurture it without interrupting their natural flow of creativity.
  • Karthik – Is a talented Puppet Show Artist and can instantly get the kids into the excitement mode and can send across concrete messages to the audience so effortlessly. 

Raw materials for the workshop

We are aiming to use/re-use/upcycle our simple household items. There will be no need to buy anything from outside. 

Materials needed for ‘Art n Craft'(Mon – 13-Apr) session:


‘Do It Yourself'(Thursday – 16-April) session – Coconut Shell Craft:

Inspiration For Coconut Shell Craft:

Earlier v used collect used coconut shells and give it to a nearby bakery who use it as a fuel. But due too this quarantine v could not go out n v had a stock of quite a good number of coconut shells. Tats why I explored on coconut shell crafts. Also its easily available in every household.

Materials needed:

1. Coconut shells – 4 coconut shells. If u can’t find a coconut shell, any solid surface that you can paint on. (If possible, adults can help with the basic smoothening of the coconur shell surface with sandpaper or knife. Its also ok if we use the shells as it is.)
2. Glue
3. Some kind of thick rope or twine
4. Some kind of paint, acrylic paints would be great
5. A wide bottle cap or anything to use as a base for the coconut shell (to make it a stand)
6. Any kind of embellishments u have like chamki, stones, sea shells, pista shells, etc

Please don worry if u can’t have find one of these raw materials, please get back to us with what you have and we can manage. The basic idea is to reuse our household items to create pieces of art.

Please feel free to pool in any other raw materials too.

Please collect the raw materials you have and send us a photo.

Note: These quarantine times are the best times to create unique pieces of art coz all of us may not have the same set of raw materials…!!

Materials for Dance show: Yoga mat

Puppet show, magic show don’t need any raw materials.

Open Day(Saturday):

It’s going to be like a small annual day event. We want the children to get along with each other and have fun. They are free to give any performances (Performances can be like dance, music, drama, making a craft, sloka or anything else you can think of). Each kid can take about 5 mins or so. So please feel free to get back to us. There is no compulsion to perform, your child can just choose to watch.  

We would like to communicate that the basic idea of the open day is to inspire other children – like if one child can sing a song, the other child might get interested to explore music – so as to say, here we are not aiming at showcasing talents or perfection, our only aim is to co create..!!

Content Of the Sessions:

Please note that if you happen to miss any of the sessions , video recordings of every session will be available for your reference.

Q: What are the session timings?
A: 4 pm onwards (30 – 45 min).We are planning to have multiple batches with a maximum of 3 – 4 participants per batch. 

Q: How do we take up the online sessions?
A: We will be connecting through the ‘Zoom Cloud’ platform. To ensure good connectivity, its preferable to connect from a laptop/desktop via WiFi. We will be sending the meeting ID and password before every session.
If you are new to Zoom, Please visit https://zoom.us and you can explore it before the session and get back in case of any queries.

We will be adding you to a whats-app group once the registrations are closed and more details will be communicated in the group.

Q: Am interested in the workshop – please tell me how I can make the payment?
A: Glad to know you would like to join us for the workshop. 

  • To make the payment – You can use Google Pay or BHIM or Paytm to Mobile# “9629692459” or UPI ID “9629692459@upi” (Name – Jeganathan Manickam)- Please transfer an amount of Rs. 1200/child.
  • Once you have made the payment,  Whatsapp to 9884217066 with the following details:
    • Payment Screenshot
  • Once we have received your details, we will add you to a group titled ‘Learning Space On Zoom’ and further communication will happen on the group.

In case of further queries, please contact Poornima Ravi @ 9884217066/9629692459.

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