Journey To Amudra

We got an amazing feedback for the podcast and so we have put the feedback as a slideshow – please take the time to watch it:

Click on this link to view the “Feedback On ‘Paati Sollum Kadhai’ Podcast”

Learning space – episode1 2nd week of April It was very nice experience for Iniya. They had fun with origami, art and puppet show. These sessions encourage their creativity. Thank you

Jaishree (On Kids Workshop)

My 8-year-old attended the ‘Puppet Show’ workshop conducted on May 15,2020. The session was very interactive and the instructions were clear and friendly for my kid. My kid had fun learning how to make puppets & puppet show. I would like to thank Poornima, Sowmya and Karthik for conducting such a wonderful session.

Preethi Ravisankar (On Kids workshop)

I would like to thank the learning space and Poornima for the opportunity.Learning space is an initiative by Poornima Ravi. I and Poornima have been organizing/conducting online session for the past two months. The aim was to create a co-learning space for all our participants irrespective of their age. We wanted to create a non-judgmental … Continue reading Sowmya Varathan (On Learning Space Initiative)

Sowmya Varathan (On Learning Space Initiative)

Thanks a lot for your time to brief us the basics and important things we need to take care in gardening. It gave us a different perspective and i believe this will help improve myself in many areas. Request to continue your workshop on your time availability. This will surely help to build a better environment … Continue reading RajeshKumar (On Terrace Garden Workshop)

RajeshKumar (On Terrace Garden Workshop)

I would like to convey my sincere thanks to Jeeva mam for explaining in a simple and clear manner.Being an expert gardener,she could understand the mindset of the beginners. The entire session was useful, starting from setting up the pot to making of fertilizers. It was inspiring and motivating. Special thanks to the learning space … Continue reading Gayathri Krishnan(On Terrace Garden Workshop)

Gayathri Krishnan(On Terrace Garden Workshop)

‘Learning space’ is an amazing initiative . Thanks to Poornima and her team , we are able to keep our kids engaged in something productive and at the same time kindling their creativity . Their puppet show , origami , DIY art workshop are great inspiration for kids to create their own master piece . … Continue reading Manikandan, Parent (On Art/Puppet Show workshops)

Manikandan, Parent (On Art/Puppet Show workshops)

I really enjoyed attending the gardening session organized by Learning space. Session was conducted by experienced person who inspired me to try my hands in gardening without giving up. She clarified any doubts and provided solution for any issue that you face with gardening. Not just gardening, this space offers workshops on puppet show, origami,entrepreneurship, … Continue reading Rani Ishwarya (On Terrace Garden Workshop)

Rani Ishwarya (On Terrace Garden Workshop)

Hi everyone. Hope everyone is safe and doing fine.Came to know about this terrace garden workshop through a friend in fb (Mr. Manikandan) . Love towards nature made me to get into this workshop. At first thought it could be some presentation kind and one-way communication. As i stepped into the video call, its something … Continue reading RajeshKumar Sambath (On Terrace Garden Workshop)

RajeshKumar Sambath (On Terrace Garden Workshop)

I am very Happy that my nieces were a part of this workshop done by Learning Space.The success of any kids program is how effective they are able to keep the kids engaged and entertained and I would happily say that.. you have done that piece 100%. The kids enjoyed and also made themselves actively … Continue reading SakthiVel, Parent (On Kids’ workshops)

SakthiVel, Parent (On Kids’ workshops)

A Quick Introduction About Our Initiative – Amudra

Cheers to you, this is Poornima Ravi. At Amudra (Let’s inspire each other),

  1. We have launched a podcast series. Click here to know more.
  2. We have launched Do-It-Yourself kit series. Click here to know more.
  3. We handle customized orders of paintings. Click here to know more.
  4. We take up art classes. Click here to know more.
  5. We are trying to setup a co-learning space – we are conducting workshops that cater to the natural living/learning needs of people across all age groups – kids as well as adults.

To know more about us, continue reading..!!!

Points To Ponder

Why is it that an adult can’t laugh and be happy like a 5 year old child all the time? – Think about it..!!

About Me

Am Poornima Ravi – am an engineer by education, code developer by profession, and switched my career to become an artist (after I did a 3 year Visual Arts program from Kalakshetra).

As I was doing my course at Kalakshetra, I parallelly took up an art teacher training program from a very popular art centre and started to handle kids there. After a few weeks, I realized that all the kids were not very actively engaged in the class because we teachers were sincerely following the art centre’s curriculum and all the children were not aligned with that.

The children wanted a free space where they could think without any boundaries.

Since I could not give that freedom inside that art centre, I moved out of the centre and started taking private art classes. This was a real turning point for me, because when I gave a free thinking space for the children, I could see the infinite creativity hidden inside all of the children.

Art (in my understanding)

To be more precise, art in my understanding can be divided into 3 categories:

  • Skill Development (like perfecting the lines, shadesand colours) – acquired
  • Observation
  • Creativity

Skill development can be imparted easily, but observation and the creativity that springs from within cannot be imparted (so easily).

Coming back to the capacity of a child, children as we know need a little bit of fine tuning of skills here and there, but they are extremely observant and hence very creative by nature. The work of an adult should be only to facilitate this trivial skill development process whereas the main capacity to observe and create is already inherent in every child and we have to be very careful not to interfere with that creativity.

With this observation I handled the kids and all the classes were a great success in the sense that after every class I used to get goose bumps looking at the kind of art every child could create. And diving deeper into the concept I was shocked to discover :

  • Children of smaller age could draw with such ease and confidence – their lines were strong and bold. They had ideas flowing within them all the time that whenever I say ‘Draw whatever comes to your mind’, they could draw so much immediately. Their minds were not pre-occupied and they could observe enormously. But this kind of drawing may not appeal to many adults – I have had parents coming back to me saying their kids have not progressed at all and their drawings still look ‘childish‘. I used to tell them ‘please look at the drawing through your child’s eyes – the drawings will start looking really beautiful and sensible’. So as to say, the ‘drawings are not childish – they are child-like..!!’
  • Going by these standards, children should become more and more creative as they age and adults have to be super creative of the lot. But from my observation, the reverse thing happened – as they age, they slowly lost this spark of creativity (and the associated joy) in them. From my understanding, it could be because of the adult intervention happening at so many levels in a child’s growth. The minds start getting pre-occupied with loads of thoughts and hence the observation capacity reduces greatly.

It took me four years to paint like Raphael, but a lifetime to paint like a child.

–Pablo Picasso

How Amudra Life Was Born

At about the same time, we got to know about ‘natural learning’ which says “Learning is a natural process and it’s happening to each one of us every hour, every minute and every second. We only need to step back, observe and enjoy the process.” We also got into the beautiful journey of natural living parallelly .

I wanted to bring both these journeys (Visual Arts & Natural Living) under one umbrella and Amudra Life is a small step in this regard – we are trying to re-kindle that fire of creativity hidden inside all of us – ya I mean we will slowly get there..!!!

That is the reason we had events planned here in summer 2020(for children and adults, and not just children) – workshop categories span across arts, terrace gardening, and so on based on age..!

Later, considering the fact that everything including children’s school classes were going online, we wanted to step back on screen time so we launched a podcast series on various genres namely,

Following the successful response to the podcast series, we launched a Do-It-Yourself kit series to encourage and support the natural learning ability of every individual

Alongside the above mentioned initiatives, we also handle art classes for all ages and also undertake customized orders for paintings.

HowLearning Space – Let’s learn Together.!became Amudra – ‘Let’s Inspire Each Other.!

Here is how :

Learning Space becomes Amudra

We had initially started off with the name ‘Learning Space (Let’s Learn Together)’, but as months passed by, we thought Learning Space was a more generic name and we wanted a more specific name which was more close to our ideology and we came upon this beautiful name ‘Amudra‘ – in sanskrit Mudra means form, so (a)Mudra means formless, without seals, infinite – it felt so close to our ideology – we could connect to it so well , to match with the wide umbrella of things that life takes us through..!!

The Slogan also changes

The tagline was initially ‘Let’s learn together’; but as we started connecting with people, we started getting feedback from people which invariably carried the message that ‘the initiative was quite inspiring’, so we thought we will change the slogan as well and hence it became ‘Let’s Inspire Each Other

What People Say About Us..!!!

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